Index of Nike-Hercules Photographs

The following files contain restored photos of various Nike-Hercules missiles.

Military Historian, Mike Cantrell, provided these beautifully restored photos, original images, and accompanying descriptions.

NEW: Added Saturday, July 18, 1998

1. K_mr_05.jpg Nike Hercules launch at the South Koran Sea Range.
To my knowledge... :-) This is the last Hercules launched by the U. S. Army. The photograph is dated 1978.
Note the olive drab fins on the missile body.

Photo: David Hansman
Scanned By: M. Cantrell

2. Ah_nf_01.jpg Nike Hercules and Nike Ajax side by side.
the photograph is captioned Norfolk, Va. But I do not remember a Nike site at Norfolk. I think it was probably taken at Ft. Story, Va. Which is about 15 miles from NOB (Naval Operating Base) at Norfolk.
Photo dated July 07, 1959.
Note: The battalion unit marking on the vertical stabilizer of the Nike Ajax, and the white painted booster fins.

Photo: Stephen Maire
Scanned By: M. Cantrell

3. H_abm_01.jpg Modified Nike Hercules being used in the early test stage of the ABM (Anti Ballistic Missile) test program.
*** This is not a Nike Zeus ***.
The Hercules missile body is attached to a Zeus booster.

Photo: RSA
Photographic restoration work by: M. Cantrell

4. Zeus_01.jpg Nike Zeus launch at White Sands Missile Range, Nm.

Photo: RSA

1. armyfa~1.jpg This is the U.S. Army's missile family as of 1962. In the foreground is the Nike Ajax and Hercules. In the left center is the Hawk. Behind it is the Sargent. To the right of the Sarg. is the Nike Zeus, the successor to the Hercules. To the right of the Zeus is the Pershing I. In the background is the La Cross. Note: all missiles are in their test colors.

2. H_mg_02.jpg This is a early photograph of a MIM-14/A at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. The photo was taken in 1957.

3. H_mg_07a.jpg Another photo taken at McGregor Range. This time showing the MIM-14/B. The photo was taken in the Mid 60's.

4. H_mg_01.jpg Nike Hercules at White Sands. Note: the different paint schemes on these MIM-14/b's at the same launch area.
Part of this was due to the many different army units that trained at Ft. Bliss and launched their live missiles at White Sands McGregor Range.
At one time McGregor had 15 different launch areas for the Nike Ajax and the Hercules. You would not believe the Number of people the army was running through the Guided Missile School at Ft. Bliss in the 60's.
The photograph was taken in the early 60's.

5. H_fb_01.jpg MIM-14/A & MIM-3 on one of the missile crew training flight lines, at the Guided Missile School at Ft. Bliss.
The photo was taken in the early 60's.

6. H_fb_05.jpg MIM-14/B on one of the crew training lines at Ft. Bliss.
The photograph was taken in the Late 60's.

7. H_hwi_01.jpg Nike Hercules battery on the Island of Hawaii.
The photo was taken in the late 60's.

8. H_g_01b.jpg MIM-14/B missile crewmen finishing the daily inspections and raising the up status birds.
The photo was taken in West Germany in the early 70's.

9. H_crt_1.jpg MIM-14/C Nike Hercules and launcher at the NATO Guided Missile Launch Facility, on the Greek Island of Crete.
The photograph was taken in 1969.

10. H_g_02.jpg MIM-14/C missile crewmen.
The photo was taken in West Germany in the early 70's.

11. H_g_05.jpg MIM-14/C flight line crew performing a daily inspection prior to raising the missile to the firing position.
The photo was taken in West Germany in the early 70's.

12. La_crt~2.jpg A photo of the NATO missile range on the Island of Crete.
The photo was taken on the Hipar radar tower in 1969.

PHOTO CREDITS: Photos 1-3: Redstone Arsenal
Photo # 4: M. Cantrell
Photos # 5-6: Redstone Arsenal
Photos # 7 & 8: Redstone Arsenal
Photo # 9: Richard Sera / scanned by: M. Cantrell
Photo # 10: Sam McClung
Photo # 11: Redstone Arsenal
Photo #12: Richard Sera / scanned by M. Cantrell

1. H_mg_18.jpg Nike Hercules launch at McGregor Range, mid 60's.

2. H_st_02.jpg Nike Hercules battery. Location unknown, mid 60's.
Note: Notice the nose caps on these missiles, they carry nuclear warheads.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000 Unknown site identified:
I received this interesting bit of e-mail recently-
"Mr. Ball, The unknown Nike missile site photo (H st o2.jpg) is LA-88 located on
Oat Mtn. in Chatsworth, Ca. I grew up at the base of the mountian and
know that place well (inside and out) and it really got me into model
rocketry as a kid. As a matter of fact I'm sending away for your
Nike-Hercules model plans as soon as I'm finished with this letter. It's
a great site, please keep up the good work.

Tony Moore"

3. 118th_01.jpg One of the photos that I restored for Ron Erkelens.
The photograph was taken at the Crete missile range. This was the second to the last launch by the 118th, Royal Dutch Air Force Squadron in 1987. I thought, I would include it for your Hercules paint schemes.
Note: The Hercules to the right is in the Dutch colors. :-)

Hb_01a.jpg Detail drawing of Nike-Hercules booster markings and letterings. Late 50's - Mid 60's

Hb_02a.jpg Part II detail drawing of Nike-Hercules booster markings and letterings. Late 60's - Mid 70's

Photos: 1 & 2 Redstone Arsenal
Restored By: M. Cantrell

Photo: 3 Ron Erkelens
Restored By: M. Cantrell

All photographs in this index originally in the public domain which have been modified from their original format and/or restored by Mike Cantrell are the copyright property of Mike Cantrell.

Many of these photographs in their original form are still in the public domain and available for downloading from the Redstone Arsenal Historical Site

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