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Welcome to the Scale Library!

The Scale Library has expanded and now covers Sounding Rockets and Space Launch vehicles!

I am a scale model enthusiast with my primary interest being in military missiles--both modern and those used in the past. The biggest problem with building scale replicas of military missiles is the difficulty in finding accurate data. Much information on modern missiles still in active use is classified.
I am not a historian, nor an expert scale modeler; just an enthusiast. The data presented here is intended to assist others in building accurate scale models.
Much of this data comes from others who are military historians--amateur or professional. Some of this data was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

This web site is a free resource of photographs, drawings and fact sheets gathered from various Military organizations public access web sites, private individuals and other sources.

Note: This site contains ALL the free data I have. If you do not find what you are looking for here, try the links at the bottom of the page. If you still cannot find what you need, then e-mail me and I will try to direct you to another individual or web site that may be helpful.

Scale Drawings, Photographs and Details:

Mike Dorffler is now offering his awesome collection of Russian rocket & missile scale data on an incredible set of six compact discs.
Normally, this type of information is provided in the vendors section, but this collection of drawings and photos is just too impressive and important to not deserve top ranking in the Scale Library. I recommend this CD set to anyone contemplating building any of the Russian rockets, or to anyone just interested in the history of Russian space flight.

Mike also has a companion 6-CD set of Saturn V and Saturn 1B launch vehicles. This link is to an Adobe .pdf file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

John Calvert provided this excellent set of photos and drawings of the Beechcraft AQM-37A Target Drone AKA: Jayhawk.

Palmer Hudson provided this brochure and actual SAAB blueprints of the Swedish SAAB RB-05A missile.

Martin Herker donated photos Of Sidewinders at an airshow plus early Sidewinder rounds on display at the Air Combat Museum in Topeka, Kansas.
Tony Alcocer has provided Actual US Navy dimensioned blueprints of the Sidewinder AIM-9M.

Thanks to Martin & Tony for providing this bounty of Sidewinder AIM-9 missile data.

Carl Tulanko has built a beautiful version of the AGM-88A HARM missile and has made available the MS Word decal and label files he created to build this masterpiece.

Thanks to Carl for sharing the photos and .doc files of his . AGM-88A HARMwith us.

Larry Shenosky provided these photographs plus a sales brochure from McDonnell Douglas on the Harpoon anti-ship missile.

Photographs and dimensioned drawings of the Phoenix AIM-54A missile.
Dimensions were taken directly from the round on display in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.
Line Drawings are available in .dxf & .gif format. e-mail me for other file formats. The drawings are to exact scale.


Peter Alway's Umich.edu scale website is finally gone. All the rocketry related data from Peter's site is not lost! Peter has made it available to the Scale Library where all may continue to have easy access to it. I have placed all of the rocketry related content from Peter's original site in a separate directory under the rocketryonline.com domain. Bookmark http://www.rocketryonline.com/jimball/alway/
The data is in it's original form, just as it was on the original site. I could not bring all the non-rocketry and personal information along. Peter's web pages have been updated to show this. You may go directly to Peter's section of the Scale Library by clicking on Peter Alway's section.

The information and drawings on Peter's section of the Scale Library are not available in any of his in-print books, and his missile drawings have never been published in any Saturn Press publications before.

Note: New items added to Peter's section 11/25/01!

Please note: The information on Peter Alway's site belongs to him. If you have questions about the data and drawings found there, please e-mail Peter at:petealway@aol.com

If you find a broken link, or cannot get something to load, then please e-mail me at ROL Admin

Peter has donated a scanned copy of the Nasa Langley Research Center 1961 booklet Sounding Rocket Study of Eighteen Vehicles"
This important document now has a permanent home in the Scale Library.

"This report was a key inspiration in the writing of Rockets of the World. I have scanned the complete booklet for use by the modeling community."
-Peter Alway

Chris Timm has done it again. This time, it's two sets of photos of the AGM-88A HARM missile. Photos are of missiles on display at Wright Patterson AFB and Eglin AFB.
Wright-Patterson AGM-88A HARM.
Chris Timm has provided another great set of photos. This time it's the Firebolt military target drone.
Chris has also provided dimensions taken from the Eglin AFB AGM-88A HARM model. I have created a reference drawing based on his information. It is available in .gif or .jpg format. HARM drawing in .gif format
HARM drawing in .jpg format
(see the section below for tips on printing large drawings.)

Tod Hilty has a nice set of Bomarc missile photos from the display at Wright-Patterson AFB

Mike Dorffler, creator of the Estes Scout kit, has contributed a great set of photos from his private collection.
These include remarkable detail photos of a Nike-Hercules, Nasa Photos of the LTV Scout & photos from inside the Vought Scout assembly building, and a set of detail photos of an early Navy Terrier missile.

Bob Fortune has devoted a web page to the weird and wonderful Navaho missile.
This is one missile to really challenge the building and flying skills of a dedicated scale nut. Heck, even the government couldn't make it fly very well. :-)
Note: The Navaho page is created, owned and maintained by Bob Fortune.

Keith Carlin of British Columbia has provided a remarkable set of detail photographs of the AIM-4D Falcon missile. Keith included a steel ruler or tape measure in most photos so accurate dimension information may be retrieved. There are several close up photos of decals and detail markings.
Note: the thumbnail of Keith with the Falcon is hyperlinked is to a photo directory index.
All photos are scanned at 300 dpi and are very large image files. Please allow time for loading. Most files are 180K to 220K in size

Wright-Patterson AFB Museum --Personal photo tour by Paul Fossey.

Many good close-up detail shots taken by Paul Fossey at Wright-Patterson AFB.
These really help to fill in some of the gaps from the photos on the official
Wright-Patterson AFB Museum Home Page.

Note: This link is to a directory index listing. Photos are listed by file name. Click on a file name to view the photo.
Photos are scanned in at max resolution. Most images in this directory are over 300K in size, some over 400k. Give them time to load.

Nike-Hercules Index --Stephen Maire's incredible set of Nike-Hercules drawings.
This set now contains the accompanying text on markings and color schemes.

Nike-Hercules photographs A beautiful set of restored Nike-Hercules photographs by military historian Mike Cantrell.

Wedge Oldham built and Flew a 1/3 scale Nike-Hercules at LDRS XX in 2001. Wedge has a website showing this huge scale project. Check it out at http://NikeProject.com

AMRAAM AIM-120A Eglin AFB Armament Museum AMRAAM display photos compliments of Chris Timm.

Nike-Ajax: Nike-Ajax line drawings by Col. Milton "Bud" Halsey, and the volunteers at SF-88L.
Drawings restored by: M. Cantrell

Phoenix AIM-54C-- Actual Hughes/Raytheon prints of the Phoenix AIM-54C obtained by Bob Kunz under the Freedom of Information Act!
DOD photos and close-up photos of an AIM-54C on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tuscon, Arizona.

AGAM-63 RASCAL-- Photos and information on the very rare early 1950's Rascal supersonic nuclear missile.
Thanks to Tracy Dungan for all this information. The American Legion Rascal display is located in Oklahoma City, Ok.

The following three files are Navy Stores diagrams of the AGM-78. Thanks to David Thedens for the prints.

Navy Stores AGM-78 print #1

Navy Stores AGM-78 print #2

Navy Stores AGM-78 print #3

Scale Drawings by Jim Ball

NOTE: The following images are at least 2000x1200. They are sized large for maximum clarity in printing.
Tip: Download the file to your computer, then open it in Paint Shop Pro, or another graphics program in order to print it.

Patriot missile.gif --Dimensioned full-scale line drawing of a Patriot.(outline only, no details)

5_38phoenix.gif--Phoenix drawn to sport scale for LOC/TCB 5.38" tubing.
3_90phoenix.gif--Phoenix drawn to sport scale for LOC/TCB 3.90" tubing.
2_63phoenix.gif--Phoenix drawn to sport scale for LOC 2.63" tubing.

Please note: these Phoenix drawings have been slightly modified from the previous Phoenix drawing posted here. Corrections have been made to the nose shape and length to more accurately match the real Phoenix.

Detailed, dimensioned drawings in .gif, .wmf, .wdg, or .dxf format of the Phoenix nose in 2.14", 2.6", 3.0", 3.90", and 5.54" diameters are available for anyone wishing to build or retrofit an existing model. E-mail me. Sorry, no hard copy prints available.
The following photos are of a 54mm dia. nosecone and a 3" dia. nosecone made from these prints. Compare the profile to the Bob Kunz Phoenix photos.
3 inch dia. nose cone
54mm dia. nose cone

<---If you want to generate your own Ogive nosecones, then check out this page. David Stribling has an excellent page with formulas and drawings that clearly explains the process of generating Tangent Ogive and Secant Ogive nose cones.

bullpup.gif.gif--Dimensioned drawing of the Estes AGM-12D kit.

5-38bullpup.gif--Estes Bullpup upscaled for 5.38" tubing.

7-51bullpup.gif--Estes Bullpup upscaled for 7.51" tubing.

Notice: This section of drawings is presented for information purposes only. No drawing is intended to be represented as a plan set for construction purposes. I make no claims that any rocket built to these dimensions will fly in a stable or safe manner. The information is presented to assist advanced builders who have experience in design, construction and stability testing their own scratch-built rockets.

3inch_decals.doc -- for a 3" airframe (PML BULLPUPPY)

decal1.doc -- for 5.38" airframe

bullpup-decals.zip -- Zip of all three 5.38" decal pages.

I am often asked for a copy of the decals I used for my 5.38" Bullpup.
These files are the Microsoft Word for Windows version 7.0 files I created. The information for using the files is located in the construction article on the upscaled Bullpup. This report may be found in the construction articles section of this web site. The article is very complete.
The AmarilloUSAF font used on the larger lettering is available from TLai Enterprises. TLai Enterprises has other fonts of interest to scale rocket modelers.
The Deja News Rec.Models.Rockets archive contains information (search under decals) on where to purchase the 8-1/2 x 11 film sheets I used, if your local Kinko's does not have any.
Note: If your computer does not contain the Swiss721 font I used, your results will not be the same, as your computer will substitute another font.
Also, opening the documents in another word processor program may yield unpredictable results.
Thanks to George Dellinger for the PML Bullpuppy decal sheet.

Please Note: The collection of assorted photos previously found in this section has been moved to allow faster loading of the main page.

Please click on the thumbnail image below to access the photo library.

library link <-----click here to enter the photo section.



Please let me know if you encounter a broken hyperlink from this section.

N1 night launch I am frequently asked for information on Russian and Soviet Bloc missiles and space vehicles. Although I do not have anything on this web site, I can now direct you to a starting point in Russia.
---Just click on the N1 to take a quick visit to Russia!
Sergey V. Andreev maintains the web site for the NOVIK Military Historical club at Samara Regional Historical Museum.
This site provides photos, information and links to related web sites in Russia and elsewhere.
Tip: Brush up on your Russian before visiting. Some of the site is in English but most is in Russian. (imagine that!)

Please Note: I've lost touch with Sergey and do not know his current email address.

A4/V2 Resource Tracy Dungan's new website dedicated to the history of the V2 missile is definitely worth checking out. Click on the V2 graphic to visit, then use your browser back button to return to the Scale Library.


AGM-65 Maverick
AGM84D Harpoon(removed)
AGM86C air launch cruise missile
PENGUIN anti-ship missile
Navy Sea Sparrow


Redstone Arsenal Historical Site
Redstone's Nike site (Lots of Photos!)
Nike Missile site SF-88L (A nike missile site undergoing restoration)
USAF Air Combat Command
US Navy fact file
Department of Defense fact file
explanation of letter designations (changed)
NOVIK Military Historical club at Samara Regional Historical Museum, Sergey V. Andreev maintains the web site for the NOVIK Military Historical club at Samara Regional Historical Museum.
This site provides photos, information and links to related web sites in Russia and elsewhere.
Wright-Patterson AFB Museum
Nike Ajax & Hercules Ordinance Support Units
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
Missile Threats & Responses
China Lake Exibit Center
White Sands Missile Range
BOEING Missile Products
The Ordinance Shop
The Missile Index


The Bloodhound Missile Site
12th Missile Group Royal Netherlands Air Force Ronald Erkelens Nike Hercules web site is now taken over by Frank Rappagne. (site closed)
Eagle3's home page Buzz Nau's page about missiles, the USS Midway and other neat stuff.
Sven Knudson's page
A4/V2 Resource SiteTracy Dungan's page devoted to the history of the V2 missile




To my knowledge, all Military and corporate photos, fact sheets and drawings on this page are in the public domain, or have been released by the various Government agencies or Corporations for non-commercial private use.

All other photos, drawings and information on this page is either the copyright © property of James L. Ball or used with the permission of the respective copyright owners, as noted.

Special thanks to every individual who has contributed photos, drawings or information to this scale library. It would not be the useful resource it is today without your help!

e-mail comments & requests to: ROL Admin

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