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Gates Brothers Rocketry
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Welcome to Gates
Brothers Rocketry!

Gates Brothers Rocketry is D Gates, TRA #5872, L3 & E Gates TRA #8273, L3 (That's E on the right, D on the left).  Like most born again rocketeers, we shot Centuri & Estes rockets as kids and recently got back into it with our kids.  Only this time, there are big toys for us big kids.

Within you'll find lots of info on all the big things we have cook'n, and you'll even find projects that our kids have in the works (yes, we really did pull them in, just as our dad did for us).  Understand that this site is a work in progress, so please excuse the fact that some of the pages are yet to be filled with content.  But I suppose that just gives you a great reason to check back frequently.

For those of you who have met us at recent launches and simply want to go straight to the good stuff, click on Photo Gallery or Movie Theater.  There we've placed in one convenient location all of the cool photos and video we've taken (both from the ground and on-board) at our recent launches.

As always, we'd love to hear from you.  You can e-mail us at erik.gates @ gbrocketry.com.



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